Production Site

Organized Work Space

Our Manufacturing factory/Unit is located at No.16, Olaboduwa, Gonopala, Horana, Sri Lanka. Manufacturing Units are divided into three sub units 2000 sq feet each approximately. Sheet storage, Lacer cutting and bending Unit, Welding finishing QI and powdering finally oven Unit.and Final fabrication and QI Unit. For the patch code line two sub units allocated. Sub Unit 1: automated fiber patch code cutting for given lengths after that assembling connector’s manually and Sub Unit 2: Polishing Testing Quality inspection labeling and packing. There are two rooms dedicated for the welfare of the employee’s welfare.

Safe Environment

Our site is insured for fire protection and adequate fire protection are provided. All should wear hand gloves and eye shields as when required. Shoes
Fabrication and assembly bays are designed according to safety precautionary standards. Our workman have been advised to take 30 minutes break in every 4 hours