8 Way

  • Brand– C & D
  • Dimensions– 300(w) x [250/400/600/700](h)x125(d)mm
  • Colour– Beige
  • Colour Code – RAL 7032
  • Finish – Powder Coated Texture


An electrical enclosure is a cabinet for electrical or electronic equipment to mount switches, knobs and displays and to prevent electrical shock to equipment users and protect the contents from the environment. From single row to four row customer can insert from 8 breakers up to 32 breakers..


  • Brand– C & D
  • Dimensions –300(w) x [250/400/600/700](h)x125(d)mm
  • Colour – Beige
  • Colour Code – RAL 7032
  • Finish– Powder Coated Texture
  • Location – Indoor
  • Application – Wall Mounted
  • Material Type – Zn Coated or Zn/AL (As Per the Customer Requirement)


Product Quality and Treatments

  • Produced under CNC Laser Cutting Technology.
  • Produced under CNC Bending Technology.
  • Quarter-turn Common lock with two keys on door.
  • Captivated by door and secured by Common-lock, providing easy access and installation
  • Front door has 150-degree opening continuous hinge.
  • Gland Plates on top and bottom for  power cables.

Additional information


1 Row, 2 Row, 3 Row, 4 Row

Fixing Mode

Sunk, Surface